Sway Group Influencer Marketing: How Does It Compare To Viral Nation?

Selecting the right partner to run your influencer marketing campaigns is as important as anything else. You need the right resources and the proper support, and, of course, you need results. There are often very few differentiating factors when choosing between influencer marketing agencies, so as they say - the devil is in the details.

A holistic picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each agency is a good starting point when you are trying to decide between agencies. You should compare agencies across several parameters, and though the price is always a top-of-mind concern, many others elements must factor into your decision.

The answers to these questions will provide clarity on choosing between two influencer marketing agencies.

Today, we are looking at Sway Group in detail, and we will compare and contrast it with Viral Nation and see how these two agencies compare and which is best for you.

Sway Group: Quick Facts

Sway Group was founded in 2011 and has grown with the domain of influencer marketing. They pride themselves on being a women-owned and women-run full-service influencer marketing agency and have bagged many awards and accolades for their work in this space.

Based in California, USA, Sway Group has a track record of running many successful influencer marketing campaigns for their clients on various channels. Their clients include brands such as eBay, Dove, Staples, and The Honest Company.

Products And Services

We will look at Sway Group’s offerings here while comparing and contrasting them with Viral Nation’s products and services.


One of the key differences between Viral Nation and Sway Group is in how they use technology. Sway Group has a proprietary tech platform that they have developed for their internal use in managing the campaigns. Clients can only access the platform to track campaign numbers and reporting. The tech platform helps Sway Group manage campaigns better with features such as audience profiles, fraud prevention, project management tools, and more.

On the other hand, Viral Nation’s Influsoft is an integral part of influencer marketing campaigns, and clients have the option of being more hands-on and running campaigns themselves should they choose to do so. Influsoft is an end-to-end campaign management solution that can take care of all campaign needs, including planning, managing, social listening, and data analysis. Viral Nation also uses the same platform while running fully managed campaigns.

If you are looking for flexibility in campaign management and would like to run campaigns yourselves, Viral Nation and Influsoft will be the better choice.


Sway Group is a full-service influencer marketing firm that takes care of all your campaign needs. They offer their services in 3 core areas—influencer marketing, branded content, and media planning and buying.

Influencer marketing is, of course, at the center of their offerings and continues to support brands and clients in their marketing efforts. They handle campaigns end-to-end, from creative ideation, influencer selection, and content and creatives to project management, insights, and data. All these services are critical for a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Sway Group can also help you create branded content for your social channels and other forms of content, including email marketing, website content, and blogs. This is an appealing additional service for brands keen on working with one agency for multiple needs.

They also have a digital advertising vertical that takes care of all digital media campaigns for clients. Sway Group has a great deal of experience in this domain and helps clients with media planning, media buying, running digital campaigns, programmatic advertising campaigns, and more.

Sway influencer marketing and allied services help clients holistically in the digital media space, allowing them to depend on just one agency for all their needs. This all-in-one approach gives clients a lot of additional value.

Viral Nation is also a full-service influencer marketing agency with a breadth of services that make them a top-tier player in the digital marketing space. In addition to influencer marketing, digital advertising, and content creation, Viral Nation also helps clients with social and experiential marketing, marketing strategy, and B2B marketing.

They also cover a more comprehensive range of domains and are more suited to brands looking to leverage more lucrative and trending spaces, such as gaming, in addition to the traditional segments like fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


In terms of the channels that they work in, Sway Group certainly has their favorites. Going by the case studies available on public platforms, most Sway Group influencer marketing campaigns focus on traditional channels like Instagram and Facebook. They also rely on other mediums such as blogs, videos, SEO, and other social channels like Pinterest and Twitter as needed.

Viral Nation covers a broader range of channels and has a strong presence in new-age channels such as TikTok and Twitch. This breadth of coverage opens up more possibilities for brands in terms of messaging, influencer selection, and content type. Viral Nation also has a proven track record, working on high-impact campaigns across all of these platforms while also boasting strong influencer networks, as well.


The Sway influencer network is a growing and diverse network. Sway Group is constantly on the lookout for new influencers and new opportunities. The influencer network connects brands with influencers, mentoring them to grow their presence and better monetize their work. The exact number of influencers in the network is not public information. Sway also use their influencer dashboards to collate influencer information and deploy it in their campaigns effectively.

Sway Group focuses a fair bit on micro and nano influencers for their campaigns, most of which use these smaller influencer networks to create impact.

Viral Nation’s talent agency is one of its strengths. The talent agency nurtures a large number of influencers from various domains and channels. They also help these influencers run branded campaigns more effectively while creating a unique brand image for themselves. Viral Nation’s Influsoft also gives brands access to a database of over 100 million influencers from across the globe.

Viral Nation also works with a variety of influencers, including celebrities and macro-influencers, not to mention a wealth of micro and nano influencers. Its talent agency, and relationships for sourcing talent in general, give Viral Nation a definite edge in this category.

How Do You Choose Between Sway Group And Viral Nation?

The choice comes down to a few crucial factors that you should consider, in conjunction with the points mentioned above.

  1. What sort of partnership are you looking for?
  2. What additional services do you need in an agency?
  3. What channels are you looking to target through your campaign?
  4. Do you want to run campaigns yourself or have them run for you?

The answers to these questions, combined with your research, will most likely help you arrive at a solution.

A glance at the various areas discussed above will show that Viral Nation does most of what Sway Group does and more. Other parameters like costs and the type of campaign you are planning will play a role in the final decision.

Get A Quote

One of the critical aspects of choosing any vendor is comparing and contrasting quotes from multiple vendors before making the final decision. You may end up loving a particular approach or a feature, but you may not see the complete picture unless you talk to multiple agencies. Each agency has its approach to campaigns, and having multiple quotes helps in making a decision faster.

We understand that you may not have the time to source quotes from multiple agencies, but fear not. We’re here to help. All you have to do is to reach out to us!