Successful Strategies For Your Mobile App Marketing

So your brand has just created that next groundbreaking, innovative mobile app and you are ready to bring it to market. That's wonderful news! But all too often, great ideas find themselves in the scrap heap when they can't translate the brilliance of their product or service into even some adequate marketing.

If nobody ever hears about your amazing mobile app, how will they know it exists? With over 5 million different apps between the App Store and Google Play, it's an ambitious venture to get the eyes and ears of your target demographic onto yours.

So what can you do to stand out from the crowd and start driving downloads? We’ve put together a list of successful mobile app marketing tactics to try out for yourself.

Why is Mobile App Marketing Important?

Deciding how to market your mobile app can be quite challenging. Competition is fierce, as many of you already know. Over 68% of mobile app companies have a fully developed, long-term app marketing strategy. Building your app is just the first part of the equation. Getting people to see it and download it is a whole other monster. But utilizing the right promotional strategy can have you climbing the charts in the app store sooner than you think.

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy for your App

Content marketing is the process of driving growth through the use of videos, blogs, social media, and other formats. Good examples of content for your app can include infographics, use cases, success stories, and more. As long as the content is relevant to your app and engaging, it's productive. The practice of content marketing helps to show what your app does or what problem it solves, how other people use it to benefit their lives, and what exactly your brand stands for. Content marketing should be top of the queue when promoting your app.

Build a Landing Page

Landing pages are powerful promotional tools, many of which act as the starting point for a user’s journey through the sales funnel. Creating a strong landing page for your app is imperative, because your website is often the first impression users get of your business. It’s their first opportunity to see what your brand is all about. It can even act as a digital “showroom” for your app, putting your product on display and in the spotlight for the masses. Brands should ensure that its landing page is clean, attractive, mobile-responsive, user-friendly, and works well across any and all browsers.

Have Your App Reviewed and Rated by Users

Nowadays, when most people are looking to make a new purchase, they research products or services to see what others think about it before they make a decision. This rings true for apps as well, where reviews and ratings can help to persuade new users to download your app.

If your app is already available, encourage current users to review it by building in features that simplify the process, such as a rating prompt. Reviews can be a good source of new ideas for your app, even highlighting areas for improvement, and indicating to potential new users that you’re engaged and listening to their feedback.

Optimize for App Stores

Much in the way you would optimize your website to rank in a search engine results, you want to optimize your app’s listing accordingly. Optimizing your app to appear at the top of a search results in the app store should be a priority for any brand. The reason is pretty simple; the higher you rank in the app store, the more exposure you’ll have to potential new users.

Utilize Influencer Marketing To Spread the Message

Influencers are far more than a passing fad on the marketing circuit. They have all but taken a stranglehold over modern marketing as we know it. And the best thing is, you don’t need a massive budget to pay for an A-list influencer like Kylie Jenner. Mid-tier and micro-influencers who align with your target audience can be far more cost effective and equally as productive for your marketing efforts.

The most important thing is to find influencers who are relevant to your brand and mission. Influencers communicate with their audience in authentic, engaging ways, and this makes them the perfect spokesperson for your app.

Run Ads on the App Store

Running ads is another powerful method for boosting the visibility and presence on the app store, regardless of the progress of your app store optimization. Think of it like this; paid app store advertising is similar to a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, similar to what you’d run with Google Ads. Essentially, you are paying to rank instead of ranking organically.

Paid app store ads put your app right where you want it — in front of a huge audience of potential users that may be looking for it — right at the top of search results.