Obvious.ly Influencer Marketing Agency Overview

Deciding between influencer marketing agencies for your campaign is challenging. There are many parameters to consider, and it can be hard to prioritize one thing or another. But, at the end of the day, the partner you choose for your influencer marketing campaign can mean the difference between a successful campaign and dollars spent without any outcome.

While choosing an agency, it is a good idea to evaluate them across a few critical parameters. Broadly, these are the variables you should consider when selecting an agency.

If you are considering Obviously as an influencer marketing partner, this blog is essential. We will look closely at Obviously and at how Obviously compares to other influencer marketing agencies like Viran Nation on the above parameters.

Obvious.ly: Quick Facts

Obvious.ly is a leading full-service influencer marketing agency that delivers end-to-end influencer marketing services to its clients, including technology and logistics. Obvious.ly has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

Obvious.ly was founded in 2013 by Mae Karwowski and Max Domain. They have since worked with some of the world’s leading brands, including Google, Jimmy Choo, Loreal Paris, Amazon, and Lyft. Obvious.ly was recognized as one of the fastest-growing influencer agencies worldwide in the US and the mid-size agency segment.

Products and Services

Obvious.ly manages client campaigns end to end, from strategy to execution. They do this through a breadth of offerings.


Tech-enabled influencer marketing is the need of the hour, as you must ensure that every dollar spent is tracked and every post measured. Beyond this, managing influencer communications and in-depth analytics are also essential tasks that can be made easy by the right technology platform.

Obvious.ly has an in-house tech platform that allows clients to keep track of every aspect of their influencer marketing campaign. The platform is useful right from the start as you search for influencers and remains a formidable tool as you create and observe your campaign.

The influencer identification module can help you close in on the influencer you want to reach with multiple parameters, including aesthetics, location, and channels. It also ensures that the influencers are not inflating numbers in terms of followers or engagement.

The platform also has a logistics module where you can manage all your campaign logistics. Obvious.ly also runs a fulfillment center that takes care of shipping products.

The tech platform also offers ways to manage all influencer relationships and communication and also dashboards and reports that can help you keep track of all campaign-related activities.

While the platform that Obvious.ly offers is robust, Viral Nation’s Influsoft is more comprehensive in terms of features and ease of use. Influsoft is a cutting-edge influencer marketing campaign platform that helps you manage campaigns end to end, including influencer payments. It also includes an AI-powered authenticity analyzer to make sure you are protected from fraudulent reporting.


Beyond the tech platform which manages the campaigns end-to-end, Obvious.ly consults with you to help you design the campaign you want. They also handle influencer events and can run them from start to finish. Obvious.ly also allows you to create custom campaigns as per your needs.

Obvious.ly also offers white glove services where they take the load of putting together the entire campaign off your hands, and they essentially do it for you. They help you create your influencer networks in your domain by finding the right influencers for the job.

Obvious.ly also offers full-service digital content creation, from product photography to animated videos, how-to videos, and graphic illustrations.

Obvious.ly campaigns are more geared towards more traditional domains like fashion and lifestyle. On the other hand, Viral Nation has run campaigns across multiple platforms and for various domains, including gaming, technology, fashion, and live streaming.


Having an agency that can work across various channels is essential. With the need for an omnichannel presence growing, such an agency is certainly a great asset. It is also important to check the agency’s reach in your domain across various channels and the type of influencers they work with on each social media platform.

Obvious.ly works across most of the leading platforms we see today: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and blogs are all within the scope of Obvious.ly’s work. They also help you to formulate the right strategy and select the proper social media channels to use.

On all these channels, Obvious.ly also helps manage the process from ideation to execution. Viral challenges, hashtags, music licensing, are all key aspects that Obvious.ly can take care of.

In comparison, Viral Nation has been at the forefront of innovation in influencer marketing across a wide variety of channels from the get-go, with a core focus on social media engagement and promotions for brands. This level of focus has put Viral Nation ahead in terms of depth in experience and campaigns across the most popular social media channels.


Influencer network is perhaps the most critical of all the parameters in choosing an agency, The number of influencers the agency has in its network is a good indicator to go by. But, beyond this, look at the quality of these influencers and the engagement they generate through their branded content.

Obvious.ly works with a pool of over 400,000 influencers across the globe. They work with micro, macro, and celebrity influencers and tailor the influencers’ network according to your needs. Obvious.ly also has experience working with several brands in various areas, including beauty, fashion and lifestyle, and technology.

Obvious.ly Studio is worth a mention here. Studio is an influencer community spearheaded by Obvious.ly that influencers use to grow their influence and find brands to collaborate with. They also run campaigns in Studio for their partner brands where influencers can earn rewards for putting out the best content related to the campaign.

This is perhaps the area where Viral Nation is ahead by quite a bit. Influsoft lets your brand connect with over 100 million influencers in various domains and across multiple platforms. Beyond this, Viral Nation is also the #1 global influencer talent agency, where they actively help influencers in a variety of areas, including monetization, branding, negotiations, and overall career development. This strong relationship also means a more dynamic and diverse network of influencers to partner with.

Should You Work With Obvious.ly?

Obvious.ly can manage your campaigns end-to-end and has a whole suite of offerings that can help you get there. It would be good to evaluate Obvious.ly based on your needs and the challenges you are trying to solve. Reviewing Obvious.ly’s capabilities based on your specific needs will give you a much better idea.

While you discuss the choice, it is also good to think about some specific questions to help you arrive at a decision faster. Some of the questions that could help you are below

  1. How can Obvious.ly help you measure the ROI of the campaign?
  2. Does the tech platform allow you to manage campaigns end to end, including influencer payments and project management?
  3. Are there references for campaigns that they have worked on in your domain or a similar domain in the past?
  4. How will Obvious.ly ensure that the campaigns are tailored to deliver maximum value for your investment?

How Will You Know Which Agency To Go With?

The success of a campaign depends on a lot of different factors. The partner you have onboard will guide you at every stage and help you create the campaign you want. The agency should take complete ownership of the campaign and push it through from brief to reality while navigating the various challenges that crop up along the way.

To do this, the agency you choose to partner with should have a few enabling characteristics. Here are a few of them

  1. Track record: They have a solid track record of delivering campaigns in multiple domains and multiple channels.
  2. Agile: They should be able to adapt to diverse conditions and still deliver a successful campaign
  3. Data-backed decision making: The agency should make clear data-driven decisions regarding the campaigns, with the necessary technology backing.
  4. True partners: The influencer marketing agency should be your partner in this journey and proactively manage the relationship and the campaigns to deliver value.

Talk To Other Agencies

Like in any purchase decision, it is a good idea to look at more than one vendor before you make a final decision. DIfferent agencies come with varied capabilities, and having a clear picture of the pros and cons of each will allow you to arrive at an optimal decision.

All agencies have their unique way of approaching a campaign and the best technology platform to help you manage these campaigns. There is also the question of cost. Agencies work at different price points, and it is important to get multiple quotes from various vendors to

While you consider Obviously, there are many such agencies, and maybe one of them could be your ideal partner. Skipping across multiple websites collecting quotes may not be a good use of your time! We are here to help.

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