Kairos Media Influencer Marketing: How Does It Compare With Viral Nation?

There is a significant distinction between running a fully managed campaign or doing what you can yourself, especially when deciding your campaign strategy. It often boils down to what you are trying to achieve, your expertise, and how much you wish to be involved in the process.

To compare Kairos Media and Viral Nation, we first need to answer this vital question. Once that’s done, several other factors also come into play. It is essential to consider these factors before coming to a decision holistically.

If you are deciding between Viral Nation and Kairos media, this blog will help you understand both organizations in some detail so that you can get that much closer to a decision.

Kairos Media: Quick Facts

Kairos began its journey in 2015 with Chris Parnell and Mike Craddock. Based in the UK, Kairos positions itself as a full-service agency that does more than just influencer marketing. They have grown to prominence working with leading brands and have run campaigns for gaming, fashion and lifestyle, E-sports, and many other verticals. Kairos has offices in London, Manchester, and LA.

Kairos has helped many brands amp up their social media presence, and they have run very impactful influencer campaigns for various brands, including KFC, Vodafone, Activision, OnePlus, Heinz, and Nestle.

Products And Services

Let’s discuss Kairos Media and the various products and services they offer their clients in detail. Kairos Media is a full-service agency, so you should find most of the services you need to run your campaigns.


Kairos does quite a bit of work in campaign planning and execution on social media as a whole, from creative strategy for campaigns to producing the required content, including videos and other creatives. Social media strategy is another focus area, along with paid media.

Influencer marketing is a core area for Kairos, as they began their journey as an influencer marketing agency. They manage influencer campaigns from end to end, including strategy, content, finding the right influencers, and executing the campaign. They also have robust analytics and data backing and can give you detailed reports of how the campaigns performed.

Kairos usually gets involved at the brief level and executes the plan from end to end themselves. This leaves brands with a lot less hassle in terms of designing and running campaigns. The downside, however, is that you are not likely to be able to run campaigns for extended periods because it would get expensive. But if you are looking for an agency that can run end-to-end campaigns, Kairos is a good option.

Viral Nation is a full-service agency too, but their primary focus is on influencer marketing. They are one of the first full-service influencer marketing agencies, and they have proven expertise in all areas of influencer marketing. Viral Nation also offers clients end-to-end campaign management, but they allow you to bring in their expertise on-demand, in only those parts of the campaign where you need support. This option gives you better flexibility in managing the campaign and your budgets.


Kairos Media has two different tech products that they have developed to meet client needs. KLabs is a consumer insights service that allows brands access to their consumer panel and the team’s insights. It’s a great asset if you are looking at benchmarks and is also helpful in building solid business cases for the campaigns that you are planning.

Access to data allows brands to fine-tune their campaigns better, understand the target audience, and look at industry benchmark numbers. These are critical to understanding campaign performance and are also useful while planning campaigns.

The other product that Kairos has developed is Versus, a gaming tournament platform that allows you to run gaming tournaments seamlessly. Versus puts sponsor branding and other brand engagement opportunities front and center and helps the brands get the best out of their gaming tournaments.

Viral Nation takes a different approach to technology with Influsoft, an influencer campaign management platform. Influsoft is a comprehensive platform that lets you manage your campaigns end-to-end, covering many aspects like project management, influencer identification, communication, and even payments. The platform also comes with in-depth analytics,gives which give you real-time updates on what’s happening with your campaign at a very granular level. If you expect influencer marketing to be a big part of your marketing strategy, Influsoft + Viral Nation could be a better choice for you. Utilizing both gives you the benefits that an agency offers and a robust SaaS application that takes care of campaign management.


Kairos Media and Viral Nation both cover most of the major social media channels that we see today. Kairos Media has been running campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for leading brands. Most of their campaigns also usually involve multiple channels and a comprehensive strategy across all channels.

Kairos’ social media campaigns are often viral, and their strength in social media marketing gives them the necessary boost. They also work with leading influencers across all channels and can leverage fan communities to generate results for the campaign.

Viral Nation focuses on various channels, such as TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. They have a strong influencer network in all of these platforms due to the database they have curated and the talent agency they have built. This strong presence is a great plus for marketers looking to run quick campaigns themselves or if they choose to partner with Viral Nation to manage the campaign.


Kairos and Viral Nation work in different ways when it comes to influencers. Kairos Media mainly activates influencers when needed, depending on the campaign requirements. Given that they run campaigns across multiple channels on multiple domains, they also have a strong network of influencers. Going by the case studies on the platform, most campaigns focus on large audiences and involve multiple macro-influencers.

Viral Nation has a curated list of more than 100 million influencers across the globe. The brands can access this list using InfluSoft; Viral Nation also helps them to arrive at a suitable list of influencers to engage. Many campaigns they work on also cater to more niche audiences and target micro and nano influencers. This flexibility allows brands to run sustained campaigns using smaller influencers.

Viral Nation also has an influencer agency that focuses on mentoring and nurturing influencers across mediums. Their experience and influencer assets are excellent for brands and marketers to find highly engaged influencers - those who have been groomed to focus on delivering value to their brand partners and with proven success with campaigns.

How Do You Choose Between Kairos Media And Viral Nation?

There is truly no simple answer to this question. It depends a lot on your budgets, the campaigns you are planning for, and the approach you would like to take. If you are looking for a partner who can take care of influencer campaigns end-to-end, both Kairos Media and Viral nation fit the bill perfectly.

But if you want to be more hands-on with your approach or focus on smaller and sustainable campaigns involving macro and nano-influencers, Viral Nation has an edge. This approach also allows you to regulate your costs better as you can depend on Viral Nation when you need help, but do a lot of the work yourself otherwise.

It is also essential to think about the other aspects that are important to you. Viral Nation offers real-time reports and a more granular view of the campaign as well, combined with their expertise in running influencer campaigns for their clients. On the other hand, Kairos is a worthy consideration if you are looking to run macro campaigns.

Who Do I Go With?

Like we always do, looking at the numbers. The cost is also a significant factor to consider, and there is no way to know how these agencies compare when it comes to prices. It is a good idea to look at multiple quotes before you make a decision. Having multiple quotes also allows you to prioritize the features and benefits and decide what works best for you.

It is also important to consider what approach each agency takes to your campaign, among other particulars. Unfortunately, going to multiple sites, talking to numerous associates, and sourcing quotes is time-consuming. We are here to help!

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