How Does Influencer Marketing Factory Compare With Viral Nation?

Influencer marketing can add substantial value to your overall digital marketing strategy. However, as a dynamic and evolving field, it’s a good idea for most businesses to leverage influencer marketing agencies for help instead of executing the process entirely in-house.

When you’re in the market for an influencer marketing agency, these are some of the factors you’ll want to consider.

Are you looking at the Influencer Marketing Factory as an option for your Influencer marketing campaign? This blog will help you understand Influencer Marketing Factory in detail, including its offerings and capabilities, and compare them to Viral Nation. This information will help you move a step closer to your decision, so let’s get started!

Influencer Marketing Factory: Quick Facts

Influencer Marketing Factory is a leading global influencer marketing agency. Founded in 2018 by Alessandro Bogliaru, the Influencer Marketing Factory has been helping cross-industry clients to plan and implement influencer campaigns for the past three years, with a particular focus on TikTok marketing. Influencer Marketing Factory is based out of New York City and Miami, supported by a global team.

The Influencer Marketing Factory manages influencer campaigns end-to-end and helps clients with campaign and goal analysis, influencer contracting, content creation, and reporting.

The Influencer Marketing Factory has run campaigns for a wide range of clients, including Google, Universal Music, Amazon. Dunkin’ Donuts, and The Hilton Group, among others.


In contrast to Viral Nation, the Influencer Marketing Factory doesn’t offer you an integrated technology product to holistically manage your campaigns. Instead, they identify client needs and deliver plans for different silos, including content, TikTok, and progress monitoring.

While a more ad-hoc approach does have fundamental limitations, one of the benefits of working with the Influencer Marketing Factory is that you can plug in specific services they offer. For instance, if you already have a content team and an influencer marketing strategy but need to work with someone to scout and contract individual influencers, the Influencer Marketing Factory can help you with that.

While not as well integrated as Viral Nation, the Influencer Marketing Factory does offer a full-stack solution including ideation, finding the right Influencers, logistics, campaign execution, tracking, optimization, and analytics.

Viral Nation is also a full-service agency and handles almost all of the same services that the Influencer Marketing Factory offers, plus more.

The biggest differentiator between the two is Influsoft, Viral Nation’s integrated Influencer marketing software solutions. You can manage all aspects of your campaign from Influsoft with help from the team at Viral Nation. The Influencer Marketing Factory, in contrast, offers a more standard approach with different functions - from influencer hiring to reports and dashboarding that is not integrated into a single channel.


Selecting the proper channels to focus on is an important decision. Having an agency that can work across a range of channels would be a definite advantage. This flexibility also helps you run parallel campaigns across multiple channels, increasing your visibility across all channels, making your omnichannel presence stronger.

Influencer Marketing Factory can run influencer campaigns across all the major channels (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.) and paid media campaigns on these platforms. The Influencer Marketing Factory has a solid focus on TikTok, which is great if you have a mature digital marketing strategy in place and are looking to dip your toes into TikTok. However, it can be detrimental in terms of the Influencer Marketing Factory’s experience and abilities on alternate platforms like Instagram.

Viral Nation, on the other hand, works with almost all major social media channels. The advantage of having Viral Nation as a partner is that, as your campaigns grow, Influsoft helps you keep track of all campaigns from one place. Viral Nation also has an added strength in terms of the number of influencers they work with, plus it has great depth in each of these platforms.


Influencer Marketing Factory takes a more individualized approach in how they work with influencers. They source the right talent based on the campaign needs and specifications. They are not restricted to a particular set of influencers and can curate the right kind of influencers on-demand.

They work across all segments, leveraging nano and micro-influencers when needed, or going for the macro, mega, or celebrity influencers if the campaign allows for it. Often, it is the combination of the right influencers that does the job, and Influencer Marketing Factory can get you the right mix.

On the other hand, Viral Nation has a database of over 100 million curated influencers, and they also offer you the chance to go beyond the list if the campaign demands it. The database makes the selection process a lot shorter, as you can quickly filter down to the required parameters to arrive at an initial shortlist, which can be further trimmed to land on the right set of influencers.

Viral Nation’s talent agency is another plus, which includes a highly engaged set of managed professional influencers available for use, which improves the campaign and gives you better results.

Should You Choose Influencer Marketing Factory?

Influencer Marketing Factory has the range of services and the expertise to run any influencer campaign globally. They do, however, work in a fully customizable and fully managed format, which means that they do best when they manage the entire process end-to-end. This level of customization also could mean slightly higher costs. It also means that their services are better suited to larger enterprise and mid-sized brands. HireInfleuncer reviews have been consistently good, but they do not rate as highly as Viral Nation on parameters such as data and reports.

Think about the following questions before you make a final call

  1. How critical is your need to have a tech platform which can help you manage the campaigns end-to-end?
  2. Are you looking for a fully managed service?
  3. Does your budget allow for the possibly more expensive approach that HireInfleunce may take?

Get Multiple Quotes

Whatever your decision is, you should not be taking the final call without exploring quotes from more than one agency. Having multiple quotes allows you to compare and contrast the agencies’ approaches and enable you to make a more informed decision.

It will allow you to prioritize your needs and get a better idea of the budgets involved. Maybe you decide to have a more strategic campaign with a more premium agency while regular campaigns are managed differently.

Contacting each agency for a quote may be time-consuming, and we are here to help. Fill the form below, and we will get you quotes from multiple agencies at once. It saves you a ton of time, and you can save yourself the hassle of dealing with numerous people at the same time. Having the quotes side by side will ease your process quite a bit.

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