Influencer Marketing Agency

Here at, we have developed some of the most impactful influencer marketing campaigns in the world. Utilizing influencers from every tier, IMA has been a pioneer in the industry, activating hundreds of influencer campaigns globally. With a talent roster boasting thousands of influencers across every niche and platform, is your one-stop-shop for all things influencer marketing.

End-To-End Campaign Management

Our team of highly-talented industry experts provides ‘white-glove’ service to each and every one of our valued clients. This includes Influencer Campaign Strategy, Influencer Sourcing & Contracting, Content Creation & Scheduling, Content Publication, Analytics, and Data Tracking, and Campaign Optimization. With years of proven success with brands both big and small, no company brings the level of experience and expertise that does.

Beyond the Post

Successful influencer campaigns extend beyond the post.

Paid Boosting

In order to reach the entire potential of an influencers audiences, it’s imperative to add paid boosting to an influencer marketing campaign. Social platforms have made it increasingly difficult for influencers to organically reach their entire audience. Paid boosting alleviates that.


The team at has the ability to re-target influencer ads and direct them to hyper-targeted geographic and demographic regions, helping to reach even more potential consumers within the brands’ target audience.

White Listing

Looking to accelerate credibility and audience resonation? White-listing paid social ads from an influencer’s profile will accomplish just that. Ads that appear from an influencers channel perform 7 times better than a brand’s owned channel on average.

Landing Pages

Developing a responsive landing page helps brands capture audience retargeting information and helps drive key messaging. A well-constructed landing page takes your retargeted customers further down your sales funnel as a result of the influencer campaign.


When brands combine Influencer and Experiential marketing, they create a potent and effective marketing mix. Brands can utilize influencers to promote, attend, or even live-broadcast experiential events. Maximizing experiential marketing efforts with the presence of influencers can extend your brand message outside the event. Talk about a win-win.