Measuring Brand Sentiment: Tracking the 5 Metrics That Matter

Measuring your brand sentiment is crucial to your brand's success. But we first need to identify the term "sentiment" and how it pertains to your brand. The sentiment, in this context, translates to the emotions that drive customer engagement.

In order to have a successful influencer marketing campaign, you need to analyze every interaction - starting with likes and comments. Measuring brand sentiment is more than just a handy tool to lead your brand to success; it’s an imperative practice to ensure your brand’s prosperity on social media.

We have prepared a list of the five metrics that matter most when you are measuring brand sentiment.

Metric 1: Online Conversations

One of the best brand sentiment metrics is online conversations. Measuring online conversations is a useful brand sentiment tool that is crucial in accurately assessing the frequency and tone of conversations that take place online.

One way of executing this is to use an influencer marketing platform, like Influsoft. These tools can enable you to analyze current and past data at the click of a button.

Metric 2: Willingness To Engage

Online conversations are a powerful metric, but a willingness to engage with your brand is arguably just as powerful. Starting with everything from your brand awareness, brand recognition, etc - they all influence the way customers engage with your brand on social media.

Customers show their willingness to engage with your brand in numerous ways, so it’s vital to analyze if your customers appear eager to recommend your brand, comment on your posts, or like and share your content.

There are various tools available online to help measure your customer’s willingness to engage, like Net Promoter Score.

Metric 3: Customer Satisfaction

One of the primary advantages of measuring brand sentiment is learning the reasoning behind all the applicable metrics. The customer satisfaction metric, in particular, is a useful measurement of your brand sentiment. The overall satisfaction of your customers is a great metric and will definitely lead you to the truth behind all these emotions.

Metric 4: In-App Ratings

In-app ratings are of crucial importance in accurately measuring your brand sentiment. Aside from being an excellent indicator of brand success, users' ratings act as a direct line into your brand sentiment, and how people really feel about your product or service.

Metric 5: Feedback

Though many brand managers overlook this metric, direct feedback is imperative in the analysis of your brand sentiment. There are many forms of direct feedback, including customer service emails, surveys, ratings, and reviews. As a brand, you want to know exactly what your customers think about you, and feedback is the best way to learn this information.