How Does HireInfluence Compare To Viral Nation?

Beyond the strategy and communication, one of the major decisions behind influencer campaigns is the process of executing them. There are numerous ways to approach this - from doing it entirely yourself to outsourcing it entirely and everything in between.

This decision is essential, as it would decide many things for you, and most important of all, who you want to partner with. Most agencies also offer you the option of choosing the tasks to support you and the areas where you can manage on your own.

Nonetheless, there are a few broad parameters that you should evaluate your partners on before making a decision. Understanding these parameters gives you a good idea of what to look for in a partner and what working with them could look like for you.

HireInfluence: Quick Facts

HireInfluencer is a leading global influencer marketing agency. Founded in 2011, HireInfluence has been delivering fully managed custom campaigns for clients from various industries. HireInfluence is based out of Houston, Los Angeles, and New York and executes campaigns globally.

HireInfluence manages the campaigns end-to-end and helps clients to keep track of the campaigns and even make changes to the campaign wherever possible. They also take a fully custom approach and do not offer you the choice of a technology platform from which you can manage your campaigns yourselves.

HireInfluence has a diverse client base that they have run campaigns with, including brands like Microsoft, Walmart, MTV, SouthWest Airlines, Adidas, and Coca-Cola. They have run numerous campaigns for these clients and have activated athletes, celebrities, family influencers, and more.


In contrast to Viral Nation, HireInfluence does not have a technology product that you can use to manage your campaigns holistically. Instead, they work based on the client’s needs and construct and execute the campaign tailored to that problem.

HireInfluence comes in where you need them to, and you can adapt the terms of your engagement based on this need. For example, if you already have the strategy in place and need an agency to help you execute it, HireInfluence can play that role.

Overall, HireInfluence is a full-service firm that takes care of everything related to the campaign, including ideation, finding the right Influencers, logistics, campaign execution, tracking, optimization, and analytics. Their services cover a broad range of areas, which means they can take anything related to the campaign off your hands.

HireInfluence also tends to several areas related to your marketing, including paid campaigns on social media across many platforms, content creation and design, video production, and product curation.

Viral Nation is a full-service agency and handles almost all of the services that HireInfluence offers. Additionally, they also bring in their marketing and social media expertise to help with B2B marketing and social media. The biggest differentiator is perhaps Influsoft, Viral Nation’s Influencer marketing management software. You can manage all aspects of your campaign from Influsoft with help from the team at Viral Nation.

One of the most critical areas in understanding the impact of your campaigns is campaign analytics. HireInfleunce focuses a lot on analytics and data, but they do this through presentations created by the team at HireInfluence. Viral Nation takes a different approach, with InfluSoft hosting all campaign data and analytics.


Selecting the proper channels to focus on is an important decision. Having an agency that can work across a range of channels would be a definite advantage. Having this flexibility also helps you run parallel campaigns across multiple channels, increasing your visibility across all channels, making your omnichannel presence stronger.

HireInfleunce works with most of the popular social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. They can run influencer campaigns across all these channels and also run paid media campaigns on these platforms.

In terms of content, HireInfluence works with almost all kinds of content. Photos, Videos, Stories, Blogs, Audio, Live stream—all of these content types can be used in campaigns. They can also provide in-depth data for campaign performance, going beyond just superficial metrics.

Viral Nation also works with almost all major social media channels. The advantage of having Viral Nation as a partner is that, as your campaigns grow, Influsoft helps you keep track of all campaigns from one place. Viral Nation also has an added strength in terms of the number of influencers they work with, plus it has great depth in each of these platforms.


HireInfluence takes a custom approach in how they work with influencers. They source the right talent based on the campaign needs and specifications. They are not restricted to a particular set of influencers and can curate the right kind of influencers on-demand. They work across all segments, leveraging nano and micro-influencers when needed or going for the macro, mega, or celebrity influencers if the campaign allows for it. Often, it is the combination of the right influencers that does the job, and HireInfluence can get you the right mix.

On the other hand, Viral Nation has a database of over 100 million curated influencers, and they also offer you the chance to go beyond the list if the campaign demands it. The database makes the selection process a lot shorter, as you can quickly filter down to the required parameters to arrive at an initial shortlist, which can be further trimmed to land on the right set of influencers.

Viral Nation’s talent agency is another plus, as there is a highly engaged set of managed influencers are available for use, which improves the campaign and gives you better results.

Should You Choose HireInfluence?

HireInfluence has the range of services and the expertise to run any kind of influencer campaign globally. They do, however, work in a fully custom and fully managed format, which means that they work best when they are given the entire process end-to-end. This level of customization also could mean slightly higher costs. It also means that their services are better suited to larger enterprise and mid-sized brands. HireInfleuncer reviews have been consistently good, but they do not rate as highly as Viral Nation on parameters such as data and reports.

Think about the following questions before you make a final call

  1. How critical is your need to have a tech platform which can help you manage the campaigns end-to-end?
  2. Are you looking for a fully managed service?
  3. Does your budget allow for the possibly more expensive approach that HireInfleunce may take?

Get Multiple Quotes

Whatever your decision is, you should not be taking the final call without exploring quotes from more than one agency. Having multiple quotes allows you to compare and contrast the agencies’ approaches, enabling you to make a more informed decision.

It will give you the opportunity to prioritize your needs and get a better idea of the budgets involved. Maybe you decide to have a more strategic campaign with a more premium agency while you manage more standard campaigns in a different fashion.

Contacting each agency for a quote may be time-consuming, and we are here to help. Fill the form below, and we will get you quotes from multiple agencies at once. Having the quotes side by side will ease your process quite a bit. It saves you a ton of time, and you can save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple people at the same time.